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Emerging from the obscurities of Seattle, Hong-Kong American artist Juzo shares thought-provoking and vulnerable introspections through 3D artworks and ambient-style music.

As an adolescent, Juzo has always been in tune with his creative mind, writing short-stories and accompanying them with vibrant illustrations. 2011 was when he started his visual and musical career, creating graphics for himself through free design websites such as Pixlr and recording a total of twenty mixtapes under a different alias.

On August 4th, 2016, Juzo released his first official music project titled ‘Anima City’, which also became the name of his brand (stylized as “ANIMACITY”) serving as a creative and fictional world to represent his soul and state of being. ‘Anima City’ was also the first installment of a four-part music project called the ‘AHRS Series’ which was released exclusively on Bandcamp.

Over the course of his career, Juzo continued to find opportunities and connections within the music industry, building a name for himself by releasing his debut EP ‘

‘ on major streaming platforms and creating album artworks for a variety of music artists.

Juzo then decided to hone in on his love for the 3D medium and began developing his own personal art pieces, which were then auctioned as NFTs and exhibited across the entire world including Dubai, Singapore, Beijing, and more.