Artist | E V S


Hailing from just outside of Atlanta, GA. EVS is, for the most part, a one man band. His mission started with one simple objective: make music in the genres he loves and cares about, with the end goal of achieving a position in the blue-collar corner of the music industry. He performed live for the first time at 16, and has since played shows around the Southeast of the United States. In his youth, he was a member of several metal and post-hardcore bands before being signed to a small local indie label at 21 as a solo alt-country artist. After a several year hiatus he no longer dreamed of being a rock star, his heart was pulled toward the production and writing side of the music world. He came back as East Virginia Studios, and in the first 3 months has achieved close to 500,000 streams across all platforms. “It would just be nice to feed my family from the art I create.” His music split across 2 different genres. The americana/alt-country under East Virginia Studios and the rap/producer tag of EVA killem. Find him under both names across all major platforms.