Artist | Producer: TEDDY HEAD

Teddy Head

From Grimsby , United Kingdom. Multi instrumentalist, songwriter and independent producer. Teddy Head plays a range of instruments, from guitar and bass to drums and keys. He also incorporates brass and reed instruments such as trumpet, trombone and sax. He likes to sing and has a four octave range. Teddy’s music style covers a range of different genres, predominantly incorporating rock and metal elements with catchy melodies. He knew he wanted to be a musician from a young age when he first heard Nirvana, going on to learn drums with his local church band and trying other instruments while in his down time. He has played in many bands, taking on the roles of singer, bassist, drummer and guitarist in various different acts. In his different bands, he also wrote music with his bandmates and played numerous live shows in a number of locations around the country. This is his solo project but could become a band in future if the time calls for it. indie music promotion