Artist | JAhLnt

Introducing Jahlnt, the visionary Dancehall artist spearheading a movement of mental healing and empowerment within the genre.

Artist | Maverick Band

Introducing Maverick Band, a dynamic musical force ready to ignite your senses and captivate your soul.


Introducing Ghander 5g Plus, a boundary-breaking music creator whose innovative sounds transcend conventional genres.

Release and distributing your music!

Releasing and distributing music involves several steps, from preparing your tracks to getting them onto various platforms for listeners to discover and enjoy. Here’s a detailed guide to help you through the process:

Artist | Juzo

Emerging from the obscurities of Seattle, Hong-Kong American artist Juzo shares thought-provoking and vulnerable introspections through 3D artworks and ambient-style music.

Producer | Sage Of 7 Paths

Hailing from the Garden State of New Jersey. Sage of 7 Paths is a name that has become synonymous with intriguing and innovative music.

Musical Warriors – Spotify Playlist

Musical Warriors Spotify playlist is a multi genre playlist of indie music creators. This list is yet another attempt to showcase talented indie music creators and offer more promotion for their music.

Artist and Producer Network – Spotify Playlist

ARTIST and PRODUCER network playlist is a multi genre playlist of talented indie artist and producers. To submit your music for this list please contact Warrface on Instagram

Artist | LANN LORD

Reggae Hop Music Group artist Lann Lord as released several hit songs that is taking over the street such as; Put it on me, Twerk fi me, Boom pon it, Life celebration, and more.