Artist | Guitarist: ED EAGLE

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Ed Eagle is a fast-rising vocalist and guitarist from Toronto by way of Pittsburgh.

Ed’s single, I Miss You, was his 4th straight to reach No. 1 on the Apple Music blues charts, has received radio airplay around the world and quickly surpassed 400K streams on Spotify alone. The country-blues tearjerker has hit an emotional nerve with fans with its heartfelt lyrics.

Overall, Eagle has topped the Apple Music charts in 9 countries and made the Top 5 in more than a dozen more, including the UK.

BYE! was Eagle’s 3rd straight No. 1 on the Apple Music charts in multiple countries. A classic blues-rock breakup song with a twist, it features a sing-along chorus reminiscent ofย  Piano Man and American Pie.


Eagle’s 2nd original, It’s Fine shines a spotlight on the global mental health crisis. A pop-punk/EDM genre-bender with dark lyrics & upbeat music, it has struck a chord with fans around the world, garnering over 700,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Eagle’s debut,

The Team, is a post-grunge protest song for the 2020s. It was featured in one of the largest terrestrial radio markets in North America (Toronto) as part of Rock 94.9’s Generation Next.

Those 4 tracks, plus his latest original protest song #StopPayola have been played on FM and satellite radio shows in the UK and Australia, as have Ed’s covers of the Stone Temple Pilotsโ€™ Plush, the legendary Stevie Wonder classic Superstition, Outside by Staind, and his latest release, Rooster, originally performed by Alice In Chains.