That Boy Hi Hat is a solo Alternative Rap artist from Maryland. His unique lyrics, wordplay, and hippie trippy flow have caught the attention of fans and other artists alike. He has released several albums and singles, including 7th Angel, Broken Hearts Club, Golden Diamond, Flex My Flame, Spirits n Shadows, Idol or Icon, piv·ot·al, and Zooted Zone.

That Boy Hi Hat’s music is a mix of Alternative Rap, Trippy, Trap, gamer, skater, 420, stoner, hippie, and abstract elements. Some of his most popular songs include SHAKA ZULU, Warped & Wicked, Neon Nights pt. 777, and 2K23 Corner$.

In 2022, he released a remastered version of his track Place I Go to Dream (Remastered) – Trippy Version, which highlights his signature sound. This song has been loved by fans of all genres, including Twitch streamers, anime lovers, gamers, trap, hip hop, metal, street, boom bap, funk, blues, jazz, rock, pop, r & b, techno, go-go, and house music enthusiasts.

That Boy Hi Hat is a unique and talented artist who is making a name for himself in the Alternative Rap scene. His music is a mix of different genres and styles, and he has something to offer everyone.